Why Studying Latin, More So Than Business, Is Ideal Training for Actually Running a Business

Why Studying Latin, More So Than Business, Is Ideal Training for Actually Running a Business

When you study Latin, you are not only learning a complex and beautiful language. Studying Latin is also the best way to prepare for running a company! Studying latin gets your brain in shape by exercising both sides of your brain at the same time. The left side deals with logic and verbal skills while the right side handles creativity, intuition, and spatial relations.

Studies suggest that people who know how to speak Latin have an easier time solving problems than those who do not–and it might just be because they’re better problem solvers! Furthermore, studying Latin has been shown to improve reading comprehension as well as critical thinking skills. Studying Latin is the best way to prepare for running a company!

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Summary: Studying Latin will get your brain in shape by exercising both sides of your brain. Studying latin also improves reading comprehension and critical thinking skills which are invaluable when it comes to actually running a company.

Why studying Latin help you succeed in business?

Why can Latin help you succeed in business? I am not sure, but it might. You could learn Latin and be a rock star employee of your company who helps it to do well. Or you could be an entrepreneur and start a business. It might help me. I have only just started learning Latin, so maybe there are more reasons that I don’t know yet, but for now there are three that I can think of.

Cyceron Speak
Cyceron Speak – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cesare_Maccari

First, Latin will allow you to read the original works of some of history’s greatest thinkers and writers, especially Cicero, Virgil, and Augustine. You might say that you could read them in English instead. Any translation involves a lot of interpretation and therefore some meaning is lost–especially because poetry is difficult to translate. It matters what words are used.

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It is better to read a book in English than not at all. But the closer you are to someone’s original language, the better. You will understand more of what they wrote and learn more about what it means to live a good life. Is this not an important part of why we study books?

In my 20 years of working, I’ve learned that it is important to have good judgment. It helps you not be fooled by people. You can learn how if you read the classics. Reading them will help you see what is happening in society and make better decisions than just using your experience.

Benefits of latin language study

Learning Latin makes it easier to learn other subjects because it trains the mind. It is also helpful because you can translate words from another language. Studying Latin is a lot easier than studying business. Studying Latin should be encouraged more because it teaches you how to think in different ways and focus on what’s important.

A student who has learned how to learn with Latin will be better at all of their other subjects. Latin is an excellent way to approach new subjects. Once you have studied one system, you can use that system to study anything else.

You see, subjects are important. They help people learn things. Subjects show the mind what to do and how to think. You have heard the expression: you are what you eat. So your mind takes on the qualities of the subjects that it learns about and thinks about a lot.

Learning about history makes you think about all the things that have happened in the past. It teaches you how to judge, be smart, and make good decisions. Learning math makes you accurate and logical. The things that being educated give to your mind are worth a lot of money. They are what differentiates someone who is not educated from someone who is educated. Latin also teaches these qualities: attention to detail, accuracy, patience, precision, and thorough honest work. If we learn Latin then it will create those same qualities in our minds: logic, orderliness and discipline…

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