What is ad Herennium?

The Herennium is one of the most important works of Latin literature and provides insights into how to be a successful rhetorician.

Ad Herennium, or Rhetorica Ad Herennium, or De ratione dicendi ad C. Herennium is the oldest rhetorical treatise in Latin and one of the most studied books in European history. The work is attributed to an unknown Roman author who wrote it around 85-84 BCE. The treatise is divided into three books, each dealing with a different aspect of rhetoric.

The first book deals with the principles of rhetoric and covers topics such as invention, arrangement, and style. The second book deals with topics such as memory and delivery, while the third book offers advice on how to deal with specific types of cases.

Ad Herennium has been highly influential throughout history and has been cited by many famous authors and thinkers, including Cicero, Quintilian, Augustine, Aquinas, Erasmus, Bacon, Descartes, Hume, Kant, Coleridge, and Eliot.

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