Easy Way To Learn Latin Online 2021

Learn Latin Online Post

Learn Latin Online Post

Gratissimum(“Welcome”) to Carmentablog.com. Carmentablog is a Latin-focused blog that offers educational resources and advice which enables you to learn Latin online.

You may always be curious, how to learn & speak Latin like a true roman emperor. 

Due to this ancient language popular demand, we have launched this platform for beginners to advanced students to learn Latin online in no time. We help you to find the best resources in video & text courses as per your learning level.

Influence of Latin Language

Most of the romance languages, we all know today like French, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, etc had driven from Latin with the increase in the geographical roman empire previously. 

Even Latin has highly influenced English also through ecclesiastical usage that we still use in the current time.

Benefits of Learning Latin

Plerumque(“Basically”’) Latin is the core of multiple languages. Learning Latin helps you to master the structure & vocabulary of other languages more effectively.

Latin helps you to qualify for many professions like law, medicine, theology, music, art, philosophy & literature, etc. Or even helps to communicate with scholars.

It’s also considered Latin makes your thought-process more sharpen & increases your analytical power. If you like to study literature’s then Latin would help you to more enjoyment during the elaboration process.

It makes you more engaging when you decipher the secret phrases of Latin & the original meaning behind them written by great authors.

How to  Learn Latin Online

Here is how you can  Lean Latin online from Some Vocabulary 

Learning Latin Vocabulary would be your first step before diving into the grammar part. Vocabulary helps to understand the real meaning of words you see in different languages. 

There may be 2-ways to head-start with Latin Vocabulary:

  • Learn words from Cicero or Tite-Live Book
  • Learn from some learning Latin app’s listed here

You could apply Pareto 80-20 Principle, while Learning Latin Vocabulary, which means 20% of learning Latin words would help you to understand the meaning of 80% of words used in sentences.


Learn Latin  online From Pictures

This method can help you to understand the author’s thought process more effectively and to stimulate reasoning & memorizing Latin Phrases with the increase in learning Latin expressions.

Try to create an image of a word while practicing Latin exercises. This mnemonic technique works more efficiently because our brain store & retain images more flexibly then keeping abstract ideas.

Take virtual classes to learn Latin Online

Keep reviewing Latin pages and conjugation tables are pointless & boring and you can’t take it to a long time and learning would drop.

That’s why you should attend some online latin learning classes at a periodic interval that makes learning continues & more entertaining.

Finding Mnemonic Techniques to learn Latin Online

To learn Latin online is quite easy for those living in Latin-based Countries like Spain, Romania, France, and Latin American Continents, etc.

Your mother tongue helps to learn Latin more effectively as your etymological roots and Latin origin will make it much easier.

Follow the given tips to become mildly fluent:

  • Create Virtual Stories using personal pronouns, adjectives, etc
  • Make activity-based flashcards those used in daily roman life
  • Paste English to Latin words posters on wall indoor & outdoor in the garden for daily followups
  • Know words from how they sound

Start Learning Latin & Enjoy the Historic Work from Great Authors!

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