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Learn Latin Online: Get Started!

Learning a new language can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you learn Italian or learn Latin, the process is similar. In this article, I will teach you how to learn Latin online with some great free resources!

Learning a new language can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you learn Italian or learn Latin, the process is similar. In this article, I will teach you how to learn Latin online with some great free resources!


What is Latin and why should I learn it?


Latin is a language that was used in Ancient Rome. It’s often taught as part of the core curriculum for high school and college students because it has many similarities to English, which means you learn Latin while learning English at the same time!


Learning Latin will make your brain more agile when reading or listening to other languages like Spanish, French, etc. Learning Latin can help You learn other languages faster. Latin is also a living language which means that there are people all over the world who still learn and speak it! What’s more, knowing Latin can feel special because it is a language that was used for centuries in such powerful civilizations as Rome.


You learn Latin by starting from the basics and slowly learning it until you’re able to read simple sentences like these:


  • “Ave Maria, gratia plena.”
  • “Nihil obstat et imprimatur.”

Latin will help you understand more ancient books and the author’s message. Latin is also great because it’s a language that you learn about other languages. It will help with your reading comprehension and pronunciation of those languages as well.


How can I learn Latin online?


here are a number of great websites out there that offer online courses in learning Latin. Some common examples include Memrise, Duolingo. These sites all have free introductory courses so they’re perfect for those who want to learn how to learn Latin!


Learn Latin online with Memrise.


Memrise is probably the best first because is the opposite of textbook learning: it’s enjoyable and effective.  It also has a number of other languages that you can learn, such as Spanish and German. Memrise has a lot of Latin courses. Memrise also has some courses on reading, writing, and grammar that are all written in Latin.


  • AS Latin Vocabulary
  • Cambridge Latin Course – Book 1
  • Hacking Latin
  • OCR Latin GCSE Higher Tier Defined
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People who speak Spanish, French and Italian would be surprised to see that Latin grammar is really similar to their language.

Latin verbs are conjugated with an active and passive voice. That’s the case for the indicative present, imperfect, future, as well as the present and imperfect subjunctive tenses, the present imperative, and the present infinitive.


The Memrise language-learning portal offers over 70 different latin language applications, created by a community of reliable teachers.


Learn Latin online with Duolingo


Duolingo has offered courses to students of popular languages like French, Spanish, and Chinese for many years. Recently, they also added a Latin course.


The course was prepped by Duolingo for the Paideia Institute and tested by a group of users before being available to everyone. The course has been out across all iOS and Android apps as well as on the Duolingo website since last November.


One weakness of Duolingo’s Latin course is that it is short. It only has two checkpoints and five levels of acquisition for each topic. That means it never goes further than the present tense.


The Latin course is about a quarter the length of the Duolingo French or Spanish course, so it is difficult for students to progress past the early stages of language learning. However, in other cases such as with Duolingo’s French and Spanish courses, a student has an opportunity to read stories in those languages which can help him/her earn extra lingots and XP.

Tips for getting started with your new skills


When learning a new language, you should focus on your weakest skills first.


If you learn the present tense before the past, future, or imperfect tenses then you will learn faster and be more fluent in your new language with less frustration. You should also learn to translate words from Latin into English as soon as possible so that they are fresh on your mind.


Translate books

It is equally important to read books in Latin and try them translate to English it helps you with learning Latin online. You will also understand that the authors have different messages from what you are reading in the English translation.



A journal is a great way to learn Latin online. Write down everything you learn in your own words, even if it’s just how to conjugate the present tense of one verb or memorize vocabulary. This will help you learn more quickly because by writing things out yourself, you are forcing your brain and body to learn.


Watch Videos in Latin

Watching TV can be very soothing when you are feeling down. You can get stuck and not want to stop watching TV. But if you want to learn something, watch the TV show in Latin. You will learn more if you have to concentrate on the subtitles.


Talk With Friends

If your friends don’t know Latin, then learn with them! You can both learn from each other and help each other out when one of you is struggling. Remember the best way to learn any language is to talk with others.



You can learn Latin with an online tutor. Tutoring is a great way to learn because you will be able to ask questions and get help when needed. With Tutor online, you can learn at your own pace, learn from anywhere in the world.



The most important thing If you learn Latin is to have fun. You learn Latin because you enjoy it and not out of obligation, so make sure to find what interests you the most!


Learning tips from experts in the field of Latin linguistics 

Getting tips from experts in Latin linguistics will help you learn and learn faster. Experts are highly knowledgeable about the language, so they can give you tips on how to learn Latin most effectively. They will tell you were not to make mistakes and advise you on how to learn Latin in a variety of ways.


Why you should consider this language as a hobby or profession


Conclusion paragraph: With the ability to learn a new language and become multilingual, you can open up more career opportunities for yourself. These are just some of the many benefits that come with learning another language outside your native tongue. Whether it’s Spanish, French or Latin online, take the first step in making this year your most successful yet by exploring how adding a second (or third) language into your life might help you on all levels.


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One thing is certain: Learning a new language takes time and patience—and we’re here to make sure every moment counts! If you want guidance from people who have been there before, don’t hesitate to reach out now. We’ll be happy to provide advice on which languages would best suit you based on your personal goals.