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What is the ancient Latin word for love?

amor : love, affection, infatuation, passion. What is the Latin for you love? What is my Roman love? Literally “My love” is amor meus, however, for now, I could not find that this expression is used to refer to a person. L&S offers its own extensive (and more general) list of “terms of endearment”. What […]

What is the Latin prayer?

What is The Lord’s prayer in Latin? Latin version It is given below: Pater noster, qui es in caelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum. Adveniat regnum tuum. Why is Latin prayer powerful? Why Latin? Latin creates a sense of sacred space and time to help focus on the sense of God’s otherness to us. The use of […]

What is meaning of crossing the Rubicon?

The expression means to make a difficult decision with irreversible consequences – in short, to pass the point of no return. Advertisement. It refers back to a decision made by Julius Caesar in January 49 BC that changed ancient Rome forever. What is an example of someone crossing the Rubicon? Irrevocably commit to a course […]

What is the meaning of supine position?

1 : lying on the back or with the face upward. What is an example of supine? Lying on the back or having the face upward. The definition of supine is laying on the back facing upward or showing a feeling of indifference. An example of a supine action is someone lying on her back. […]

What is by in Latin?

a. More Latin words for By. iuxta conjunction, preposition, adverb. By, near, beside, after, next to. per adverb, preposition. Is there a Latin word for yes? In Classical Latin, there were no words exactly corresponding to “yes” and “no”. Non and ne were negatives, but they needed to combine with other words (like “not” in […]

¿Qué es sinónimo y 20 ejemplos?

Las palabras sinónimas son aquellas palabras que tienen un significado equivalente. Por ejemplo: vivienda – casa, pelo – cabello. Lo opuesto a los sinónimos son los antónimos, que son aquellas palabras que tienen un sentido opuesto. Por ejemplo: vivo/muerto, noche/día, pobre/rico, grande/chico, lindo/feo. ¿Qué son los sinónimos y 10 ejemplos? ¿Cómo se llama el diccionario […]

Is it correct to say Speaking of the devil?

Senior Member. “Speak of the devil” is the only way this expression is normally used in American English. “Speaking of the devil” would be an interjection used after the devil had been mentioned, for example, if you had an interesting bit of gossip about him to share. What is the meaning of speaking of the […]

How do I translate my name into Latin?

To change a female name to Latin, it takes just one letter. Add an “a” to the end of a female name. Jane would become Janea. This would be pronounced “Jay-nee-a.” For names such as Carly, Maddy or Mary, the letter “y” is turned into an “i,” and the “a” is added after that. What […]

Why did Augustus banish Ovid?

Experts believe the cause was probably a combination of three factors: that Ovid’s erotic poetry was considered offensive, his attitude to Augustus was too disrespectful, and that he may have been involved in an unspecified plot or scandal. Did Ovid support Augustus? Ovid’s playful poetry made him a favorite among Rome’s elite, but angered Emperor […]

How do you speak Latin books?

Is Latin hard to read? Latin Is Easier With modern languages, you need to learn to read, speak, and understand other people speaking it. With Latin, all you need to be able to do is read it. Latin has a pretty limited vocabulary. It only has five declensions and four conjugations. Can you learn Latin […]