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  • Philosophy

    Eternal Recurrence: Nietzsche Idea

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    The idea of Eternal Recurrence is one that Nietzsche came up within 1881. This concept says that no matter what happens, it will all happen again and again infinitely. If this were true, would anyone really want to live? For many people, the idea of living a life where they have to experience everything from birth until death over and over again would be too much to bear. However, there are some benefits of Eternal Recurrence.

  • Latin Courses

    Is latin hard to learn in 2021?

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    If you are a student, then you know that Latin is an essential part of the curriculum. It is often required for students to learn Latin in order to do well on standardized tests and receive college credit. But Is Latin hard to learn? Many people think that learning Latin is hard because they had a tough time with it when they were school-aged children.

  • Thousands of years ago, the Greek hero Odysseus was written about by Homer in The Odyssey.That’s the origin of the protagonist of Odysseus and Penelope.But even before that time, stories and tales of his heroism had been passed around through word-of-mouth for what seemed like an eternity to those who could not read or write,they were told during long days when people went on with their lives without electricity and didn’t have anything better to do than tell each other tall tales from generation to generation.

  • Regular comparatives and superlatives forms aren’t a big issue for most Latin students, with the “-ior, -ius” endings creating the comparative and the “-issimus, -a, -um” endings creating the superlative. Issues do start to pop up though when they see adjectives that have irregular comparatives or superlatives. These words just need to be memorized which can be done in a relatively short period of time as there are not many (fifteen) totals to learn.

  • Students of Latin are often struck by the fact that the same Latin word testis meant both a “witness” and a “testicle.” Plautus, a famous Roman playwright of the first century BC, was aware that words could have double meanings. In fact, he played with this theme in one of his plays called Curculio to get laughs from the audience.

  • Learn Greek

    Batrachomyomachia: A Classical Parody

    by admin
    by admin

    The Batrachomyomachia is an ancient comic epic in dactylic hexameter, traditionally attributed to Homer. The poem tells of a war between frogs and mice over possession of both land and water. Ultimately it was decided that neither could claim sole ownership because they would not be able to feed.

  • The term “newspaper” is an antiquated word, but it has a very specific origin. In Rome, during the reign of Augustus Caesar (27 BC – 14 AD), there existed a program called Acta Diurna or Daily Events. This was the world’s first newspaper. It consisted of summaries and reports from around the Roman Empire. The acta were not published every day; sometimes they appeared once or twice per week and at other times as much as four times per day when news was current and urgent!

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