Best tips on How to Learn Greek Online effectively in 2021

Learn Greek Online

You may have been aware that it might be intimidating to learn Greek online. It can be perplexing at first, whether you’re a native English speaker or a speaker of a Latin-based language. Because of the complexity, you’ll need dependable language materials to ensure that you’re studying correctly.

The great news is that we’ve tried a lot of language classes and can tell you which ones are worth your time and which ones aren’t.

In this essay, I’ll go through the top courses that we recommend if you want to learn Greek online. Then there are the tier two choices, which are language tools that provide enough teaching with some limitations. You’ll notice a decline in what’s available as you get closer to the third tier.

Finally, I’ll point you to which programs you should avoid, either because they’re too expensive or because they’re of poor quality.

Let’s take a look at our top picks to learn Greek online.



Subscriptions start at $14.95 monthly for the basic package.

Start to learn Greek online with Pimsleur instead of overwhelming yourself with written Greek. Because the courses are audio-based, even a complete novice can easily navigate the site. Because Pimsleur excels in spoken language, I can almost guarantee you’ll take up the language faster.

Real-life conversational speech is included in the lessons, both with male and female voices that are natural and high-quality. If you desire extra reading material as part of the language instruction, there is a somewhat more expensive membership option.

Advantages of using PIMSLEUR to learn Greek online

  • With an emphasis on listening and speaking practice, you’ll pick up the language rapidly.
  • You start practicing right away since the lectures prompt you to respond.
  • Cultural awareness is important in every language, which is especially beneficial if you’re learning a language for travel.
  • The disadvantage is that

Even with the more expensive membership option, you might desire additional courses for learning to read.

Some lessons are quite uninteresting, while others are colorful and utterly fantastic.

2.Language Transfer


Cost: nothing

Language Transfer’s methodology is what makes it so special when it comes down to how to learn Greek online. And then there’s the cost. To ensure that his audio is of the highest quality, Mihalis, the creator, interviewed native speakers. Because it has a simple interface, it’s simple to recall where you stopped in your lessons.

In Mihalis’ methodology for Language Transfer, you hear an instructor instructing a student. You will study the way Greek works and how to use it over the course of 120 classes.

Advantages of using Language Transfer to learn Greek online

  • For Greek, there are a plethora of options.
  • It’s completely free; also, you can use it to learn eight additional languages.
  • The format necessitates active participation as well as genuine learning.

The disadvantage of using Language Transfer to learn Greek online

  • Because you don’t always start with the “basics” of the language, the classes can feel a little out of order.
  • The courses are not recorded; instead, native speakers check the content for accuracy.



Cost: Starts at $4 per hour and goes up to $50 per hour, with an average of less than $10 per hour.

Italki is the site to go to learn Greek online if you’d like a private instructor to help you learn Greek. It is a platform, not a course, via which you can interact with a variety of instructors. Professional teachers and community tutors are the two types of language instructors, each with their own set of skills to help you to learn Greek online.

Teachers typically have a bachelor’s degree, a teaching credential, or previous teaching experience. Tutors are typically native speakers, though advanced Greek speakers are often available. If you desire a casual engagement, a tutor is ideal. A professional teacher is usually a good choice if you’d like more classroom-style session when you decide to learn Greek online.

Advantages of using Italki to learn Greek online

  • There are a lot of options for instructors
  • On the Language Partnership board, here is free of cost assistance (typically in exchange for anything).
  • You can use a trial lesson to discover if a teacher is a good match for you for a lower cost.

The disadvantage of using Italki to learn Greek online

  • Because you must pay in “credits” for education, the payment structure might be perplexing—and perhaps more expensive than the upfront cost suggests.
  • Lessons normally require advance notice, which might be difficult to schedule.
learn Greek online



Subscriptions cost somewhere from $8 and $47 each month.

GreekPod101 has audio-heavy podcast-style learning approach for you to learn Greek online. There are also tools such as flashcards, PDF lesson notes, or online discussion boards to go with the 990 lessons. Advanced Greek learners may require additional materials for a challenge because there is more content for beginners.

You can select a monthly membership that fits your budget, then terminate it when you’re finished or would like to take a break. You might wish more written content, but GreekPod101 is the genuine deal when it comes to audio.

Advantages of using Greekpod101 to learn Greek online

  • The podcast style is ideal for sharpening your speaking and listening abilities.
  • From the very beginning, it’s easy to understand.
  • The lecturers (or “hosts”) are amusing, and you’ll learn about different cultures as well.

The disadvantage of using Greekpod101 to learn Greek online

In regards of advanced Greek offers, it’s a little lacking—more there’s content for novices.

There is a lot of English, which may make it difficult for you to remember what you’re studying in Greek.



The price ranges from $19.99 to $29.99.

Udemy is a popular learning website for linguistic learners to learn Greek online since it offers tuition in virtually every subject. Courses last anywhere from 30 minutes to 6 hours. Also you can pick from a variety of teachers and categories. Udemy is a great place to go if you need specialized Greek abilities, like for business.

You must pay separately for each course, so make your selection carefully. Udemy, on the other hand, offers a money-back promise, so you’ve got that going for you. There is written content in nearly every course, but video-based training is the centerpiece.

Advantages of using Udemy to learn Greek online

  • When you buy a course, you get lifetime access.
  • There are courses available for people of various abilities.
  • There are many themes from which to expand your vocabulary.

The disadvantage of using Udemy to learn Greek online

  • The quality of instruction and the range of courses available varies significantly.
  • Some courses are exorbitantly priced in comparison to the value they provide.



Monthly cost: $30; annual cost: $299.88

Beginning to learn Greek online using Glossika at first is a  series of monotonous audio drills. Audio, on the other hand, is beneficial to your listening, speaking, and understanding skills, and each course follows a similar framework. It may be worth the hefty price if you are learning numerous languages.

Cultural teaching is virtually non-existent, which is surprising considering the cost. Nonetheless, because of the continuous teaching approach, it’s a good alternative for learning Greek and other languages.

Advantages of using Glossika to learn Greek online

  1. All languages here on the platform are included in a single membership.
  2. If you’re studying more than one language, the repeating lesson format helps.
  3. This is an uncommon combination of audio and written instruction.

The disadvantage of using Glossika to learn Greek online

  1. In the Greek course, you could encounter some mistakes.
  2. The user interface isn’t really appealing, particularly at this pricing.
  3. For what you receive, the price is simply too excessive.


There are a few courses that you can’t go wrong with if you’re learning Greek. Our top 6 picks are good selections whether you’re starting from scratch or need to brush up on basic skills and vocabulary. 

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