About Us

About Us

Learn Latin language, its history and culture.

Ethical Love in the Story of Odysseus and Penelope

Salvete, omnes!

Carmentablog is a Latin-focused blog that offers educational resources and advice about the Latin language, its history, and culture.

Post & Videos

The blog’s goal is to help the readers learn more about this ancient but still very relevant language through various posts or videos.

Interactive Experience

Carmentabblog wants to provide an interactive experience for all those interested in learning more about this beautiful language!

Explore More

Readers will be able to explore ancient manuscripts or even Roman-themed recipes with ease.

Easy Reading

The blog’s content is written in a conversational tone that allows all readers of any level to understand what they are reading

More Than Latin!

Carmentablog is not only a blog about Latin. We will introduce you to many other ancient languages ​​such as Greek, Etruscan, and more.

Free Consultation

If you’re looking for some help getting started, you can write to us here and ask anything.